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Your Best You

Hi we're Keune

Hi we're Keune Your Best You <p>We&rsquo;ve been making hair products for pros since 1922, but we&rsquo;re more than a supplier. Partner with us and you&rsquo;ll automatically join our global family. And we&rsquo;re not just saying that because we&rsquo;re a family company. We genuinely care about you, your salon and the person in your chair. That&rsquo;s why we do business with a personal touch.</p> <p>Keune is here to support you in every way imaginable: with great products, education, marketing and elaborate salon business support. By doing this, we hope to empower you to be your best you. It&rsquo;s why we do what we do.<br /><br />&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;</p>


Keune's history

It takes courage to experiment with hair

<p>In the 1922, Jan Keune was an Amsterdam pharmacist fascinated by curls. Methods then included high heat and gas flames. So Jan experimented until he invented a liquid perm formula &ndash; a big hit with the ladies and the first Dutch product to conquer the world. Farewell pharmacy. Hello Keune Haircosmetics.</p> <p>Introducing the new&hellip;</p> <p>As big hair became fashionable, Jan introduced hairspray and a cold perm formula. Then he launched hairspray in a &ldquo;new&rdquo; aerosol can &ndash; just press and spray! Hair gel was his next innovation. And later, Jan&rsquo;s son George introduced mousse &ndash; preferring this French word to the English &ldquo;foam&rdquo;. George Junior brought us Tinta Color, a global success story.</p> DA341CE1-2A20-42F4-ABCC614FD06B57E1 History image /en/media/DA341CE1-2A20-42F4-ABCC614FD06B57E1/Historyimage

Your best you

Our mission

<p>What&rsquo;s your best you? It could mean looking your best &ndash; or helping a client look their best. But your best you is also finding joy in your work and success in business. Being happy with yourself and your co-workers. And feeling down deep, where it matters, that you are a valued member of an inspiring family that values independence, innovation and superior quality.</p> 0FFA80D6-8949-474C-9C4606B0B261CEF8 Mission image /en/media/0FFA80D6-8949-474C-9C4606B0B261CEF8/Missionimage

Caring for our world

Keune cares

<p>We are all part of a larger world that we need to treat with care. Your best you also means helping people with disabilities feel valued, everyday. The Keune Group offers employment to those with mental disabilities, as part of our team. We also welcome displaced people, who&rsquo;ve had to flee their countries and seek new lives with us.</p> <p>Keune also loves animals, and is proud of our cruelty-free practices. Then there&rsquo;s our planet, which needs us, too. So we save energy, reduce water waste, use natural lighting &ndash; and even take advantage of the chilly Dutch climate to cool products during production. And thanks to our strict quality standards, we are <a href="">Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Resources</a> certified.</p> 17918C93-F69F-4A5F-842CD2D053AEC645 Cares images /en/media/17918C93-F69F-4A5F-842CD2D053AEC645/Caresimages

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