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The subtle way to dye and camouflage

1922 color

1922 color The subtle way to dye and camouflage <p>A change of style or a touch of grey&hellip; there are perfectly valid reasons why men want to color their hair. But do they really want all the fuss and bother? We didn&rsquo;t think so. That&rsquo;s why 1922 by J.M. Keune created a range of hassle-free colors that only take 5 minutes to process. <br /><br />Our natural colors are ammonia-free and so mild, they can even be used to touch up moustaches and beards. With results that men will appreciate &ndash; low maintenance, natural, and long lasting. We also included a special color activator, to keep hair coloring simple and straightforward.</p>


Soft color

Key ingredients

<p><strong><em>Bisabolol:&nbsp;</em></strong>protects dry or sensitive skin and soothes irritation.</p> 1604F80E-B85E-4818-91B08A0369956E74 Ingredients image /en/media/1604F80E-B85E-4818-91B08A0369956E74/Ingredientsimage

Low-maintenance color


<p>Fast 5-minute processing</p> <p>Long-lasting results</p> <p>Camouflages greying hair</p> 3AAAF985-1F1A-4A9B-A76A25FE7E0EFB5A Media color 1922 /en/media/3AAAF985-1F1A-4A9B-A76A25FE7E0EFB5A/Mediacolor1922

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