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Tame and maintain that beard

1922 grooming

1922 grooming Tame and maintain that beard <p>Facial hair has its demands &ndash; and if it&rsquo;s going to look great, you&rsquo;ve got to keep it happy and healthy. Whether men decide to go for a touch of handsome stubble or go all out with a thick, long beard, 1922 by J.M. Keune has the grooming essentials to nourish beards and keep them soft and shiny &ndash; and for a bit of extra hold.</p> <p>Ok, there are still men out there who look their best with a clean shave. We haven&rsquo;t forgotten them. Our Superior Shaving Cream, with Bisabolol and glycerin protects and moisturizes, for smooth cheeks and healthy skin.</p>


How to use

<p><strong>Superior Shaving Cream:&nbsp;</strong>work into a lather using your hands or your favorite brush and pat onto face. Shave and rinse, then pat face dry.</p> <p><strong>Beard Oil: </strong>rub&nbsp;1-2 drops between the palms of your hands, then massage through beard for hydration and shine.</p> <p><strong>Beard Balm:&nbsp;</strong>rub a small amount between the palms of your hands, then work through beard to groom and style.</p> 025AA669-243D-451C-9993B97274E231C8 Grooming media /en/media/025AA669-243D-451C-9993B97274E231C8/Groomingmedia

Gentle care for gentlemen

Key ingredients

<p><strong>Bisabolol:</strong> when shaving, protects dry or sensitive skin from razor burn and soothes irritation.</p> <p><strong>Avocado and sweet almond oil:</strong> a rich conditioning combo to keep beards soft and hydrated during grooming with Beard Balm or Beard Oil.</p> 309B9B71-E793-4B57-8E45335C6FC1C0E5 Image /en/media/309B9B71-E793-4B57-8E45335C6FC1C0E5/Image

Naturally stylish facial grooming


<p>Protects dry and sensitive skin</p> <p>Light hold and natural finish</p> <p>Moisturizes and nourishes beards</p> 2362B53A-A1B6-42B1-B0F180A111ECEDD9 Grooming media /en/media/2362B53A-A1B6-42B1-B0F180A111ECEDD9/Groomingmedia
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