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Lock down style, or keep it casual

Styling by 1922

Styling by 1922 Lock down style, or keep it casual <p>Tousled, quick and effortless or serious slick hold. Barbers and men&rsquo;s stylists know that the secret to looking great is having excellent go-to products. From World-Class Wax to Classic Gel, the full range of 1922 by J.M. Keune styling products gives men the freedom to choose the level of hold and shine they prefer.</p> <p>Most of our 1922 styling products contain creatine for stronger hair &ndash; and beneficial protein.</p>


How to use

<p><strong>Classic Gel, Premier Paste<br /></strong>Using your fingers, work a small amount through damp or dry hair &ndash; then style as you like.</p> <p><strong>World-Class Wax, Original Pomade, Premium Clay<br /></strong>Rub a small amount between your palms, work through damp or dry hair &ndash; then style as you like.</p> C4E016F6-F6C6-4C0A-87C74BC7CCDF925B Media 1922 Styling /en/media/C4E016F6-F6C6-4C0A-87C74BC7CCDF925B/Media1922Styling

Healthy from the inside out

Key ingredients

<p><strong>Creatine:&nbsp;</strong>strengthens hair and lowers the chance of hair breakage versus non-creatine treated hair.</p> FC857C18-E1D5-4336-9E7F6615B53FD5DF Image /en/media/FC857C18-E1D5-4336-9E7F6615B53FD5DF/Image

Keeping hair in great shape


<p>Matt to shiny finish</p> <p>Medium to extra-strong hold</p> <p>Contains creatine</p> 9F59F640-54E7-44AF-B459D6014AA63FD7 Style 1922 Media /en/media/9F59F640-54E7-44AF-B459D6014AA63FD7/Style1922Media
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