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Mixology for hair

Mixology for hair <p>Just out of bed. Back from the beach. Slick and sleek and ready to roll. Done up for a fantastic night on the town. Keune Blend products cover the gamut of hair care &ndash; and are formulated to be used on their own or mashed up together to create any style that suits your client&rsquo;s mood.</p> <p>Blend hits the trends between the eye. With products formulated to crunch, twist and swirl into a heady cocktail of fashion. Or even anti-fashion, if that&rsquo;s their thing.</p>


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Intermixable styling products

Do whatever it takes

<p>Hair is personality, and so many of us love to experiment with styles. Go for it with Blend! These 14 intermixable styling products are formulated to prep, shape, refresh, style and finish hair.</p> <p>Dip your fingers into the pastes, gels, waxes and glues. Spray real sea salt. Sprinkle on volume powder. Crunch in a handful of mousse. Smooth with a touch of gel. Blend works for everyone &ndash; all hair types and textures, and all genders and ages.</p> <p>Each product has a fruity fragrance, with hold and shine factors ranging from 1 to 10. Blend styling products ensure long-lasting hold &ndash; yet are easy to restyle. You can air dry, towel dry, blow dry &ndash; whatever it takes to look good.</p> 0ACD0FB4-BF5D-4B62-8DA381D3A9013475 Media Groupshot /en/media/0ACD0FB4-BF5D-4B62-8DA381D3A9013475/MediaGroupshot

Blend ingredients

All the right stuff

<p>All Blend products contain our <strong>multi-vitamin complex</strong>, A, E, F and H (biotin), which helps condition, energize and nourish hair. <strong>Rice proteins</strong> naturally protect hair color from UV rays.</p> <p><strong>Ozokette</strong> is a hard mineral wax that we use to give hair body and structure. <strong>Glycerin </strong>and <strong>mineral oil</strong> add moisture and shine to hair. <strong>Beeswax</strong> and <strong>polymer complexes</strong> also ensure strong fixation and modern textures.</p> <p>The <strong>kaolin</strong> in Blend Clay provides hold with a matte finish. Refreshing Balm contains zeolite to absorb oil without leaving a residue. And of course, there&rsquo;s pure <strong>sea salt</strong> in our Salt Mousse and Sea Salt Spray.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> 1D542FB8-269B-4ACB-8DE2DE4F6C929BC8 Media model /en/media/1D542FB8-269B-4ACB-8DE2DE4F6C929BC8/Mediamodel
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