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With violet pigments and pro-vitamin B5

Silver Savior

Silver Savior With violet pigments and pro-vitamin B5 <p>Meet Care Silver Savior by Keune. It&rsquo;s here to banish yellowing and brassiness &ndash; and keep blonde, silver, white or lavender shades bright and fresh. Powerful purple pigments tone and cool, provitamin B5 softens and plumps and wheat proteins strengthen and thicken. Stay silvery, shine bright.</p>


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<p><strong>Shampoo:</strong>&nbsp;massage a small amount into wet hair. Leave in for one to three minutes and follow up with conditioner.</p> <p><strong>Conditioner:</strong>&nbsp;apply after cleansing with Silver Savior Shampoo for even more toning. Leave in for one to three minutes and rinse thoroughly.</p> 1542A536-5E62-41E1-AC5F7BC8864B4123 Lifestyle media /en/media/1542A536-5E62-41E1-AC5F7BC8864B4123/Lifestylemedia

Silver Savior


<p>If you've got beautiful cool blonde hair, you'll want to keep it that way. Care Silver Savior Shampoo contains brass-busting violet pigments to neutralize unwanted warm tones and nourishing Provitamin B5 to keep your hair looking and feeling silky soft. Wheat Proteins protect the inner hair structure and add volume.</p> <p>Here's a tip: you can even use Care Silver Savior Shampoo to tone after a lightening process.</p> 8C1995E5-3255-48C3-AF5FFF28ED692118 Image /en/media/8C1995E5-3255-48C3-AF5FFF28ED692118/Image


<p>Toning</p> <p>Brightening</p> <p>Softening</p> C5FA6927-D19D-4600-8D15B0E2B2EE3C0C Silver Media /en/media/C5FA6927-D19D-4600-8D15B0E2B2EE3C0C/SilverMedia
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