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Breathes life back into dry, sun-damaged hair

Care Sun Shield

Care Sun Shield Breathes life back into dry, sun-damaged hair <p>You use sunscreen on your face &mdash; so why not your hair and scalp? Our Care Sun Shield range protects hair from harmful UV rays, as well as pool and salt water. Sun Shield Shampoo gently removes traces of sunscreen, chlorine and salt water from your hair, leaving it fresh and soft. Sun Shield Conditioner is like after-sun lotion for your hair &ndash; enriched with shea butter to replenish hair&rsquo;s moisture.</p> <p>Finally, we recommend keeping Sun Shield Oil in your beach bag &mdash; run it through your hair to protect it from the sun. Have a fun &ndash; and safe &ndash; summer!</p>


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How to use?

<p><strong>Shampoo:</strong>&nbsp;massage a small amount into wet hair. Rinse and follow up with conditioner.</p> <p><strong>Conditioner:</strong>&nbsp;after cleansing, apply to lengths and ends. Indulge for a few minutes before rinsing.</p> <p><strong>Oil:</strong>&nbsp;simply run through damp or dry hair.</p> 0A44B94B-449A-4774-93154DC6C9081C7C Sun shield Media /en/media/0A44B94B-449A-4774-93154DC6C9081C7C/SunshieldMedia

Sun Shield


<p>The Sun Shield line protects your hair from the elements: the sun, salt water, rain, you name it. Essential Minerals, UV protectors and active proteins protect and restore the hair. The result: supremely silky, shiny hair that&rsquo;s easy to detangle and style.</p> 292F0616-1C02-4057-9E7DBB0186BFA3EA Image /en/media/292F0616-1C02-4057-9E7DBB0186BFA3EA/Image


<p>UV Protection</p> <p>Moisturizing</p> <p>Clarifying</p> 2C44F77E-BB9C-45F6-95DAF79968407DE7 Sun Media /en/media/2C44F77E-BB9C-45F6-95DAF79968407DE7/SunMedia
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