Keune Color Beautiful colors you know they’ll love What could be more satisfying than your client turning around and loving her look after you’re done? The colors alive in her hair… LeftMiddle Light


For the painters

For the painters <p>Here&rsquo;s every colorist&rsquo;s favorite moment: a client looks in the mirror, loving the look they&rsquo;ve given them. The colors catch the light, glinting in their hair. They&rsquo;re happy, the hair stylist happy. It&rsquo;s the best.</p> <p>With Keune Color, our professional color lineup, a hair stylist has everything they need to create this moment. With gentle coconut cream-based formulas, each color, lightening powder and developer performs to perfection without compromising hair health, so all they have to think about is the job at hand. Get ready to paint.</p> <p>Head over to your nearest Keune salon and choose the color which suits you best.</p>

Mix & match

100 intermixable shades

<p>Easy to mix and easy to apply, Keune Color is formulated to protect the scalp and keep hair looking great. We use superior ingredients that offer excellent conditioning, for incredible shine and minimal scalp staining.</p> <p>With more than 100 intermixable shades, you&rsquo;ll find color that&rsquo;s suitable for all hair types of personalities. Including one-step treatments, gentle lifts, highlighting &ndash; and matte shades that create a natural effect for blondes and brunettes.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> CA063655-1F4C-4120-A2D1BAF11FDC44A6 Color image /en/media/CA063655-1F4C-4120-A2D1BAF11FDC44A6/Colorimage

What's in it?

Our formula for beautiful colors

<p>Keune works exclusively with professionals, who appreciate the knowledge and technology our laboratories put into each product.</p> <p><strong>Silk protein</strong> helps keep hair soft and shiny. <strong>Solamer</strong> protects hair structure and hair color from UV rays, and enhances color, too. To stabilize color and keep it going stronger for longer we use <strong>LP300</strong>. <strong>Silsoft </strong>technology gives hair extra shine and conditioning.&nbsp;<strong>Wheat protein</strong> protects and conditions hair during processing.</p> 7405D69D-3127-4164-870D8379CF8F676F Color 1 image /en/media/7405D69D-3127-4164-870D8379CF8F676F/Color1image


Irene Bekman, international educator

"With Keune Color, you have everything you need to create a magical moment."



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