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Restoring broken bonds

Bond Fusion

Bond Fusion Restoring broken bonds <p>A professional colorist knows how the decolorizing process breaks down natural and artificial pigments, and chemical bonds. To repair all this damage and build new bonds, we created Bond Fusion &ndash; a 3-phase premium bond booster.</p> <p>Bond Fusion&rsquo;s Phase 1 is the bond builder. Simply add it to your color, mixing or lifting powder and apply. The same polymers and proteins found in hair work to create new bonds, and protect hair&rsquo;s inner structure. Bond Fusion Phase 2 [CT1]&nbsp;enhances and nourishes the new bonds. This salon treatment is extended at home with Bond Fusion Phase 3[CT2]&nbsp;.</p> <p>The results? Up to 5 times more conditioning after 5 washes, compared with benchmark brands. And hair is easier to comb &ndash; with up to 43% less breakage (based on +1000 comb strokes).</p>


Continuous conditioning


<p>Rebuilds broken hair bonds</p> <p>Significantly less hair breakage</p> <p>Continuous conditioning</p> <p>Leaves hair easier to comb</p> 96086E1A-153D-4DD3-ABDABA43F74AFD7F Benefits image /en/media/96086E1A-153D-4DD3-ABDABA43F74AFD7F/Benefitsimage

Highly effective formulation

Key ingredients

<p><strong>Keratin<br /></strong>Penetrates deep into the hair and repairs the hair&rsquo;s natural keratin structure.</p> EFFB3CE8-21DE-4575-BCDC283F966AA7B2 Ingredients image /en/media/EFFB3CE8-21DE-4575-BCDC283F966AA7B2/Ingredientsimage

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