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Let there be blonde!

Color lighteners

Color lighteners Let there be blonde! <p>Our complete range of high-lifting blonde shades are perfect for both natural and colored hair. Keune Tinta Ultimate Blonde includes an ultra-lifting color with a cool effect. Our most powerful powder lightens up to 8 levels.</p> <p>But you can also choose to use gentle lightening cream or our kaolin-based lightener for freehand techniques. We&rsquo;ve also included three special blonde shades that are suitable for grey hair &ndash; for optimal lifting and grey blending.</p>


Gentle lightening


<p>Powerful yet gentle</p> <p>For natural and colored hair</p> <p>Suitable for grey hair</p> 46921B25-79F7-437F-A7D4A3751BAEB8B5 Benefits image /en/media/46921B25-79F7-437F-A7D4A3751BAEB8B5/Benefitsimage

Enriched with silk

Key ingredients

<p><strong>Solamer UV filter<br /></strong>Protects hair from sun&rsquo;s UV rays so your color treatment lasts longer.<em>&nbsp;</em></p> <p><strong>Silk protein<br /></strong>Nourishes color-treated or damaged hair &ndash; and adds vibrancy to healthy hair&rsquo;s color.</p> <p><strong>Cream developer with LP300<br /></strong>Our unique color stabilizer encloses pigments in hair structure and prevents damage.</p> D9CA402A-DDC0-45E8-B7FC3CE095B3C98E Ingredients image /en/media/D9CA402A-DDC0-45E8-B7FC3CE095B3C98E/Ingredientsimage

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