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Perfectly luscious coverage

Tinta color

Tinta color Perfectly luscious coverage <p>Intense color and wonderful shine. Keune Tinta Color makes it easy for you to create the color your clients will love &ndash; time and time again. Our unique cocomide formulation uses pearlescent coconut oil for smooth mixing and applications, while protecting hair and scalp.</p> <p>Tinta Color developer is the only developer with a color stabilizer &ndash; LP300 &ndash; which protects hair structure and guarantees the stability of color. And with 100+ colors to choose from (and to intermix), your possibilities are practically endless. From natural colors and matt shades to warm reds and vibrant violets.</p>


Shiny, healthy color


<p>Long-lasting color</p> <p>Nourishes and repairs</p> <p>Excellent coverage</p> 89F2A1D1-7209-40F9-AD5E80F9E3E9CCB6 Benefits image /en/media/89F2A1D1-7209-40F9-AD5E80F9E3E9CCB6/Benefitsimage

Highly effective formulation

Key ingredients

<p><strong>Solamer UV filter<br /></strong>Protects hair from sun&rsquo;s UV rays so your color treatment lasts longer.</p> <p><strong>Cream developer with LP300 <br /></strong>The unique color stabilizer encloses pigments in hair structure and prevents damage.</p> <p><strong>Silk protein<br /></strong>Nourishes color-treated or damaged hair &ndash; and adds vibrancy to healthy hair&rsquo;s color.</p> <p><strong>Ceramides<br /></strong>This nourishing lipid is used in Tinta Ultimate Color to help softens grey hair.</p> 3269BA98-3262-471C-B871C84AF23FE1BC Ingredients image /en/media/3269BA98-3262-471C-B871C84AF23FE1BC/Ingredientsimage

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