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Ultimate updo

Ultimate updo <p>From a soft touch to locked-in maximum hold &ndash; we&rsquo;ve got the essential sprays that fix hair in place with style. Let&rsquo;s start with weightless hold. Our N&deg;57 Soft Set Spray finishes styling with flexible hold and nicely natural shine.</p> <p>For humidity protection that lasts all day long, go for N&deg;86 Freestyle Spray. Then there&rsquo;s N&deg;106 High Impact Spray. This is level 10 hold &ndash; Keune&rsquo;s maximum hold, to lock in style, add natural shine and render humidity practically powerless. Non-aerosol N&deg;97 Liquid Hairspray texturizes with intense hold and glossy shine &ndash; especially when sprayed on wet hair.</p> <p>To make life easier, Fix by Keune Style labels features a violet stripe on the label. We also added numbers to show you the hold (1st number) and shine (2nd number) factors. Spray away, for a super hair day.</p>


Set your look

How to use

<p>Mist from 30 cm (12&rdquo;) onto dry hair. Layer to customize your hold. For a wet-look finish, spray N&deg;97 Liquid Hairspray on damp hair.</p> 3EB09FD2-ACFA-4418-94F8FE7E1C07142F Product image /en/media/3EB09FD2-ACFA-4418-94F8FE7E1C07142F/Productimage

The hold factor


<p>Natural shine</p> <p>Easy to brush out</p> <p>UV filter</p> F1C925C3-DE4B-45D5-AAAC7AC2FCDEF0B8 Product image /en/media/F1C925C3-DE4B-45D5-AAAC7AC2FCDEF0B8/Productimage

Stylish protection

Key ingredients

<p><strong>UV filter:&nbsp;</strong>protects hair from the harmful effects of the sun&rsquo;s ultraviolet rays.</p> CA3A109B-7F6F-4956-BC6BDC584180A355 Product image /en/media/CA3A109B-7F6F-4956-BC6BDC584180A355/Productimage
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