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Ultimate updo

Ultimate updo <p>Sometimes it&rsquo;s the shine that counts &ndash; that special glow that comes from healthy, happy hair that seems to glow from the inside out.</p> <p>For instant shine after styling, mist on some N&deg;110 Brilliant Gloss Spray. This fine oil-free formula is the feather-light finishing touch to any hairstyle. And talking about shine, this is the ultimate gloss, with our maximum level 10 shine. &nbsp;</p> <p>N&deg;29 Brilliantine Gel is our gel pomade, formulated to add a nice touch of flexible hold &ndash; without that crunch you often associate with gels. For that level 9 wet-look shine.</p>


Style and finish

How to use

<p><strong><em>N&deg;110 Brilliant Gloss Spray: </em></strong>finish hairstyles by misting from 20cm (8&rdquo;) onto dry hair.</p> <p><em><strong>N&deg;29 Brilliantine Gel:</strong>&nbsp;</em>work through damp or dry hair, then style.</p> B8D71F4F-1AD6-4576-A6E6E56F5D9D22A3 Product image /en/media/B8D71F4F-1AD6-4576-A6E6E56F5D9D22A3/Productimage

Let’s go glossy


<p>Adds super shine</p> <p>UV filter</p> <p>Smooths frizz</p> 384D0265-4C75-46BF-97EC67A64CAB3739 Product image /en/media/384D0265-4C75-46BF-97EC67A64CAB3739/Productimage

Brilliant formulations

Key ingredients

<p><strong>Natural beeswax:</strong>for easy restyling and to add shine to dry, dull hair.</p> <p><strong>UV filter:&nbsp;</strong>protects hair from the harmful effects of the sun&rsquo;s ultraviolet rays.</p> 1F193C8B-66E9-4976-98F846DB4BA47E7C Product image /en/media/1F193C8B-66E9-4976-98F846DB4BA47E7C/Productimage
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