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Polished ponytail

Polished ponytail <p>Something magical happens when you apply heat to hair. In fact, what would a salon do without a blow dryer, and curling and straightening irons? Keep on styling safely with Heat Protect by Keune Style. We&rsquo;ve formulated products for use during hair prep and styling to protect, add volume and add natural shine.</p> <p>While prepping hair for styling, go for N&deg;56 Blowout Gel&eacute;e &ndash; as the numbers say, it offers medium level 5 hold and natural level 6 shine. N&deg;37 Instant Blowout adds lightweight body and shine, and speeds up blow-drying prep work. So stylists can move on with the all-important job of creating just the right look for their clients.</p> <p>N&deg;27 Hot Iron Spray protects hair from the heat of curling and straightening irons. Just mist hair for 92% less breakage while combing, natural shine &ndash; and extra protection from sun&rsquo;s harmful UV rays.</p>


Prep and shape

How to use

<p><strong>N&deg;37 Instant Blowout:</strong> mist on damp hair and blow dry.</p> <p><strong>N&deg;56 Blowout Gel&eacute;e:</strong> work a small amount through damp hair and blow dry.</p> <p><strong>N&deg;27 Hot Iron Spray:</strong> mist on dry hair, then use curling or straightening irons.</p> EF9AC99E-D25C-46B1-B09CA722A7C7EE3B Product image /en/media/EF9AC99E-D25C-46B1-B09CA722A7C7EE3B/Productimage

Bye bye brittle hair


<p>UV filter</p> <p>Natural shine</p> <p>Protects up to 230&deg;C (450&deg;F)</p> 0ABD13C8-D303-43CA-91F04848E38FBC81 Product image /en/media/0ABD13C8-D303-43CA-91F04848E38FBC81/Productimage

Turn up the heat

Key ingredients

<p><strong>UV filter:&nbsp;</strong>protects hair from the harmful effects of the sun&rsquo;s ultraviolet rays.</p> <p><strong>Panthenol:</strong>&nbsp;also known as provitamin B5, panthenol penetrates each strand of hair to help strengthen hair structure.</p> 33612F57-8FC3-4184-B11852F8B95998C0 Product image /en/media/33612F57-8FC3-4184-B11852F8B95998C0/Productimage
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