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For that shower-fresh feeling

For that shower-fresh feeling <p>You know the feeling &ndash; that second or third day hair that could really use refreshing. Even first day hair feels better with Refresh by Keune Style. Because these dry products not only absorb oil, they also add grip and texture.&nbsp;</p> <p>Just spray N&deg;11 Dry Shampoo onto roots for instant refreshing. Feather-light N&deg;15 Dry Conditioner spray leaves hair soft, shiny and detangled &ndash; for soft and totally touchable hair and natural shine. A few sprays of N&deg;61 Dry Texturizer gives hair natural volume and a matte finish. And we extended our refreshing world of dry hair styling with N&deg;41 Dry Paste &ndash; a matte styling paste for bedhead texture, with zeolite.</p> <p>Unlike other dry products, Refresh by Keune Style uses our translucent Dry Cleansing Complex, that absorbs oils without leaving powdery whiteness behind. The effect is almost magical.</p>


Instant texture

How to use

<p><strong>N&deg;41 Dry Paste:</strong> rub into your hands until powdery, then work through dry hair.</p> <p><strong>N&deg;11 Dry Shampoo:</strong> shake, then spray from 20 cm (8&rdquo;) onto the roots of dry hair, and rub in. Wait for 2 minutes, then brush out excess product.</p> <p><strong>N&deg;15 Dry Conditioner:</strong> shake, then spray from 20 cm (8&rdquo;) onto lengths of dry hair.</p> <p><strong>N&deg;61 Dry Texturizer:</strong> shake, then spray from 20 cm (8&rdquo;) onto roots and lengths of dry hair.</p> E66719CC-3681-4B6E-8D3E417C12BEB560 Product image /en/media/E66719CC-3681-4B6E-8D3E417C12BEB560/Productimage

Cleaner, fuller hair


<p>No white residue</p> <p>UV filter</p> <p>Adds texture</p> 19AE321A-0E0A-478C-A3A3CA47F16B769E Product image /en/media/19AE321A-0E0A-478C-A3A3CA47F16B769E/Productimage

A clear difference

Key ingredients

<p><strong>Dry Cleansing Complex:</strong>&nbsp;our transparent formulation with zeolite, to absorb oils and add texture without leaving white residue.</p> <p><strong>Natural beeswax:&nbsp;</strong>for easy restyling and to add shine to dry, dull hair.</p> <p><strong>UV filter:&nbsp;</strong>protects hair from the harmful effects of the sun&rsquo;s ultraviolet rays.</p> 5C66C47D-A689-4D57-B4B50FE60DB93139 Product image /en/media/5C66C47D-A689-4D57-B4B50FE60DB93139/Productimage
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