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Romantic retro <p>It&rsquo;s smooth and easy going from here on out with Keune Style&rsquo;s Smooth range of prep and finishing products. Start with a good styling prep using N&deg;57 Straight Cream. This heat-activated cream does what it promises &ndash; add shine and body while straightening curls and flattening frizz until the next wash.</p> <p>For a smooth finish with wonderful factor 7 shine, work a small drop of N&deg;17 Defrizz Serum through damp or dry hair. And to protect those smooth locks from humid days, mist styled and smoothed hair with N&deg;13 Humidity Shield, for 24-hour salon freshness.</p> <p>You can easily recognize our Smooth by Keune Style range by the soft pink stripe on the label. Our number coding tells you more about the hold and shine factor. Now get ready for some smooth moves.</p>


For prep and finish

How to use

<p><strong>Straight Cream:</strong> work through damp hair, then blow dry or style with a straightening iron.</p> <p><strong>Defrizz Serum:</strong> rub a small drop between your palms, then work through damp or dry hair.</p> <p><strong>Humidity Shield:</strong> after styling, mist on dry hair from a distance of 20 cm (8&rdquo;).</p> F3EFD7FB-B0D6-4A54-A21A5B18AD3CBBE3 Image /en/media/F3EFD7FB-B0D6-4A54-A21A5B18AD3CBBE3/Image

Silky smooth hair


<p>Adds shine</p> <p>UV filter</p> <p>Smooths frizz</p> FEE71599-0D83-43F9-AD242C7B92A4375E Product image /en/media/FEE71599-0D83-43F9-AD242C7B92A4375E/Productimage

Protecting smoothness

Key ingredients

<p><strong>UV filter:</strong>protects hair from the harmful effects of the sun&rsquo;s ultraviolet rays.</p> <p><strong>Panthenol:</strong>&nbsp;also known as provitamin B5, panthenol penetrates each strand of hair to help strengthen hair structure.</p> CDBC6788-4F36-425A-A2C9CD437C6252A3 Product image /en/media/CDBC6788-4F36-425A-A2C9CD437C6252A3/Productimage
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