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Bombshell blowout

Bombshell blowout <p>Getting hair ready for styling? Volume by Keune Style offers the perfect foundation for a bit of extra lift at the roots &ndash; or fabulous full volume for those big moments in life. Just look for the lavender color code on the label to find the Volume product you need &ndash; including mousses, powders, creams and sprays.</p> <p>Build big volume at the roots with lightweight N&deg;75 Root Volumizer. N&deg;44 Soft Mousse adds volume while keeping hair soft and conditioned. For volume that makes a real statement, go for N&deg;74 Strong Mousse. And N&deg;55 Thickening Cream is fine hair&rsquo;s best friend &ndash; for thicker hair combined with heat protection.</p> <p>N&deg;31 Precision Powder and N&deg;71 Volume Powder are best used as a finishing touch &ndash; to create weightless volume with a matte finish. All Volume by Keune Style products contain a UV filter, to protect hair from sun&rsquo;s harsh rays.</p>


For big moments

How to use

<p><em><strong>Root Volumizer:</strong> </em>shake well and spray on damp hair at the roots, then blow out with a round brush.</p> <p><em><strong>Soft Mousse and Strong Mousse:</strong> </em>shake well, work a small amount through damp hair then blow dry.</p> <p><em><strong>Thickening Cream:</strong> </em>work through damp hair and blow dry, or leave hair to dry naturally.</p> <p><strong><em>Precision Powder: </em></strong>use when finishing, on dry hair. Shake well and spray on roots. Massage with fingertips.</p> <p><strong><em>Volume Powder: </em></strong>use as a finishing touch. Sprinkle on dry hair and massage with your fingertips. For extra lift, apply directly to roots.</p> 68FB3860-9D10-44A0-8FB0BE0617019AAD Product image /en/media/68FB3860-9D10-44A0-8FB0BE0617019AAD/Productimage

Larger than life


<p>UV filter</p> <p>Light to strong hold</p> <p>Conditions hair</p> 302A2633-4662-4EC2-BD449AF94B82420C Product image /en/media/302A2633-4662-4EC2-BD449AF94B82420C/Productimage

A healthy dose of volume

Key ingredients

<p><strong>UV filter:</strong>protects hair from the harmful effects of the sun&rsquo;s ultraviolet rays.</p> <p><strong>Vaccinium Myrtillus (billberry) fruit extract:</strong>an antioxidant that helps moisturize and improve support scalp health.</p> <p><strong>Panthenol:</strong>also known as provitamin B5, panthenol penetrates each strand of hair to help strengthen hair structure.</p> 22D6131E-9747-41C0-98A38BF7E1ACA20E Product image /en/media/22D6131E-9747-41C0-98A38BF7E1ACA20E/Productimage
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