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Say farewell to flakes

So Pure Exfoliating

So Pure Exfoliating Say farewell to flakes <p>Nobody likes dandruff. Thankfully, itchy scalp and flakey hair are history with So Pure Exfoliating treatments &ndash; at salons, and by following up at home. We blended organic tea tree oil with willow bark extract to safely exfoliate scalp and wash dandruff down the drain &ndash; and keep it away.</p> <p>Tea tree and lavender oil not only disinfect &ndash; they also calm the scalp and create a relaxing atmosphere. Naturally, the oils we use are certified organic. And the shampoo is sulfate-free and gentle on hair and scalp.</p>


How to use

<p><strong>Exfoliating Shampoo:&nbsp;</strong>massage into wet hair and scalp, then rinse well.</p> <p><strong>Exfoliating Treatment:&nbsp;</strong>apply a small amount to scalp and massage until dandruff is gone. Rinse well and comb out any remaining flakes. Only use when absolutely necessary.</p> <p><strong>Exfoliating Essential Oil:&nbsp;</strong>for a richer aroma, add a maximum of 5 drops to So Pure Exfoliating products. Or add with water to a diffuser or sprinkle on a warm, damp towel and place on forehead.</p> 8B0F1715-649B-45DC-9DE6B85EACAF6245 How to image /en/media/8B0F1715-649B-45DC-9DE6B85EACAF6245/Howtoimage

No more dandruff


<p>Gently removes and prevents dandruff</p> <p>Relieves itching and irritation</p> <p>Stimulates circulation</p> B32092A7-4650-4475-B97461119F235482 Benefits image /en/media/B32092A7-4650-4475-B97461119F235482/Benefitsimage

Gentle yet effective

Key ingredients

<p><strong>Willow bark extract</strong><em><br /></em>Effectively removes dandruff flakes and improves the moisture level of scalp.</p> <p><strong>Moroccan argan oil&nbsp;<br /></strong>Certified organic and rich in vitamins A and E, to strengthen and hydrate hair and scalp.</p> <p><strong>Tea tree oil<br /></strong>Certified organic oil that exfoliates, disinfects and stimulates circulation and leaves hair and scalp clean.</p> <p><strong>Lavender oil<br /></strong>Certified organic oil that soothes sensitive scalps and has an overall calming effect.</p> 93C021CE-630D-468F-A0FF2C8F415DE9A5 Ingredients image /en/media/93C021CE-630D-468F-A0FF2C8F415DE9A5/Ingredientsimage
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