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Gentle, natural conditioning

So Pure Moisturizing

So Pure Moisturizing Gentle, natural conditioning <p>Dry hair needs loving care to. So Pure Moisturizing products combine to create a complete 5-step conditioning treatment. Certified organic argan, ylang ylang and palmarosa oils gently yet deeply hydrate hair and scalp. Hair and scalp also benefit from coconut oil, palm kernel oil and shea butter conditioning.</p> <p>The wonderfully scented active plant ingredients contribute to a sense of luxurious relaxation and wellbeing. Your clients can easily maintain their treatments with So Pure Moisturizing at home, with the full range of products and our clear instructions. They will also appreciate that So Pure shampoo is gentle, color-safe and sulfate-free.</p>


How to use

<p><strong>Moisturizing Shampoo:&nbsp;</strong>massage into wet hair and scalp. Rinse well.</p> <p><strong>Moisturizing Conditioner:&nbsp;</strong>apply to towel-dry shampooed hair. Leave in for 1-3 minutes then rinse well.</p> <p><strong>Moisturizing Treatment:&nbsp;</strong>apply to towel-dry, shampooed hair. Leave in for 3 minutes then rinse well.</p> <p><strong>Overnight Repair:&nbsp;</strong>apply to wet or dry hair. Leave in overnight, then rinse well in the morning.</p> <p><strong>Moisturizing Essential Oil:&nbsp;</strong>for a richer aroma, add a maximum of 5 drops to So Pure products. Or add with water to a diffuser or sprinkle on a warm, damp towel and place on forehead.</p> 7A6ECC1D-5FB6-41B9-A012E5F2B2BA7283 How to image /en/media/7A6ECC1D-5FB6-41B9-A012E5F2B2BA7283/Howtoimage

Therapy for hair and scalp


<p>Repairs and strengthens dry, damaged hair</p> <p>Soothes and hydrates hair and scalp</p> <p>Naturally calming and uplifting scent</p> 02CA1DC9-AB00-462E-A9804F7CBA8E4E5E Benefits image /en/media/02CA1DC9-AB00-462E-A9804F7CBA8E4E5E/Benefitsimage

The rich sensation of wellbeing

Key ingredients

<p><strong>Moroccan argan oil<br /></strong>Certified organic and rich in vitamins A &amp; E, to nourish hair and scalp.</p> <p><strong>Ylang-ylang and palmarosa oils<br /></strong>Certified organic essential oils that balance, hydrate and detangle, with a soothing floral scent.</p> <p><strong>Shea butter<br /></strong>Restores hair&rsquo;s natural hydration and shine.</p> B32092A7-4650-4475-B97461119F235482 Ingredients image /en/media/B32092A7-4650-4475-B97461119F235482/Ingredientsimage
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