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Healing damaged hair

So Pure Recover

So Pure Recover Healing damaged hair <p>Sometimes hair needs a helping hand &ndash; and intensive treatments. Heal damaged hair from the inside out with So Pure Recover, a special range that includes shampoo, conditioner spray, a recover treatment hair mask and essential oil. While their hair is being treated, your client can relax, thanks to the soothing scent of ylang-ylang and palmarosa organic essential oils.</p> <p>Our unique formula contains quinoa proteins as well as avocado, coconut and argan oils. All certified organic, naturally. Clients will appreciate that So Pure Recover is vegan-friendly. So Pure Recover shampoo is also free from sulfates &ndash; yet has a rich lather that&rsquo;s ideal for scalp massages and daily use.</p>


How to use

<p><strong>Recover Shampoo:&nbsp;</strong>massage into wet hair and scalp then rinse well.</p> <p><strong>Recover Conditioning Spray:</strong>&nbsp;spray on towel-dry hair and leave in.</p> <p><strong>Recover Treatment Hair Mask:&nbsp;</strong>apply to towel-dry hair. Leave in for 3 minutes then rinse well.</p> <p><strong>Recover Essential Oil:</strong>&nbsp;for a richer aroma, add a maximum of 5 drops to So Pure Recover products. Or add with water to a diffuser or sprinkle on a warm, damp towel and place on forehead.</p> 70E762CF-74EE-4B3C-922AF3A0F28BD8E7 How to image /en/media/70E762CF-74EE-4B3C-922AF3A0F28BD8E7/Howtoimage

Intensive treatment


<p>Nourishes and strengthens hair</p> <p>Repairs hair from the inside out</p> <p>Gentle floral aromatherapy scent</p> E0E34440-1063-493D-8FDDF3C7EDA92725 Benefits image /en/media/E0E34440-1063-493D-8FDDF3C7EDA92725/Benefitsimage

Certified organic essential oils

Key ingredients

<p><strong>Moroccan argan oil<br /></strong>Certified organic and rich in vitamins A &amp; E, to nourish hair and scalp.</p> <p><strong>Coconut and avocado oil<br /></strong>Moisturizes dry and damaged hair and nourishes scalp. Certified organic.</p> <p><strong>Ylang-ylang and palmarosa<br /></strong>Certified organic essential oils, for an intoxicatingly fresh floral aroma that relaxes.</p> B32092A7-4650-4475-B97461119F235482 Ingredients image /en/media/B32092A7-4650-4475-B97461119F235482/Ingredientsimage
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