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Supporting your growth

Education team

Education team Supporting your growth <p>Our Keune educators share more than knowledge and skills. They are your personal coaches, ready to share their creative minds with you and your salon staff.</p> <p>Our international educators include Daisy Kooijman and Irene Bekman as well as master educators Jeroen Struilaart and Miriam Homma. They&rsquo;re on the road all year &lsquo;round, helping stylists perfect their skills with hands-on work sessions. Ask your Keune distributor about booking them for a course!</p>

International Master Educator

Jeroen Struijlaart

<p>Jeroen shares his creative mind with the rest of the world. His motto: stay passionate about styling, always.</p> B04715C9-AAE0-46FC-8A0C1082A5D19334 Jeroen /en/media/B04715C9-AAE0-46FC-8A0C1082A5D19334/Jeroen

International Master Educator

Mirjam Homma

<p>Mirjam has a sixth sense when it comes to trends &mdash; which is why she&rsquo;s also responsible for the StreetSalon tutorials.</p> <p>As an educator, Mirjam excels at presenting. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and skills about presenting, educating and training methods with other educators and stylists.</p> D6075E9E-4F40-486E-96C746A9E53410FC Mirjam Homma /en/media/D6075E9E-4F40-486E-96C746A9E53410FC/MirjamHomma

International Educator

Daisy Kooijman

23FE6AA8-E8FE-4209-89B14654E4635589 Daisy Kooijman /en/media/23FE6AA8-E8FE-4209-89B14654E4635589/DaisyKooijman

International Educator

Irene Bekman

BCFC1E13-6C18-454B-81EEF55D1E048CC9 Irene Bekman Media /en/media/BCFC1E13-6C18-454B-81EEF55D1E048CC9/IreneBekmanMedia

Global Education Manager

Joanne van Hoeflaken

303969E3-B06B-4316-9DFDCBBB1504D97F Joanne van Hoeflaken /en/media/303969E3-B06B-4316-9DFDCBBB1504D97F/JoannevanHoeflaken

Studio Coordinator

Gaby Bolwerk

<p>A former International Educator, Gaby takes care of the other Educators so they can share their knowledge to the best of their ability.</p> 2B468E1B-3C71-4B1F-8FE5F1D56F03D558 Gaby Bolwerk /en/media/2B468E1B-3C71-4B1F-8FE5F1D56F03D558/GabyBolwerk

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